A Detailed Examination Of Recognising Primary Factors In Panoramic Photography

panoramic photography

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Those advantages won't be restricted to Canon's own software forever, though. Canon's EOS 5D Mark IV introduces a new dual-pixel raw photo format. Canon Don't panic, Lightroom fans, Adobe Systems will support the new photo format Canon tucked into its hot new SLR, the EOS 5D Mark IV . Adobe's Lightroom , for editing and cataloging photos, has a particular emphasis on "raw" photo formats that offer more editing flexibility and image quality than ordinary JPEG but that are more of a hassle to handle. Canon's new $3,500 5D Mark IV, introduced Thursday, adds a new variety called dual-pixel raw that lets photographers fine-tune focus after a shot was taken. To take advantage of dual-pixel raw, though, photographers will have to use Canon's own raw-processing software, Digital Photo Professional. But not forever. "We're working on it," Adobe spokesman Roman Skuratovskiy said Thursday. He declined to say when Adobe would add the update to Lightroom and its cousin, Photoshop, though. The dual-pixel raw format exemplifies a major trend called computational photography.

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